Thursday 19 October 2017
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In the Caux area, within the département of Seine-Maritime, not far from the Normandy coast, our adventure, the Caux Rétro, began in 1995; it was something new that had not previously existed in the area – we thought that our heritage of old cars needed to be recognized.

The Caux Rétro takes place every year, the first weekend of July, for the benefit of participants as well as the public. Hats off to all those of you who maintain, drive and present to the public these marvellous vehicles.

Every year we are delighted to welcome many participants; of course the French are always faithful participants, as also are our British, Czech, Slovak and Belgian friends who, from early-January, submit their entry forms. Equally, more and more motorcycle, commercial vehicle and tractor enthusiasts come each year. The spirit of the event is that there is no competiveness or official ranking and that friendliness and conviviality prevails.

Our great pleasure is to welcome as many vehicles as possible – whether French or from other countries - that have not before been presented to the public; the diversity and rarity of the vehicles that we welcome is important for the visitors who come and look with wonder at these vehicles.  But, above all, that which we look for at Allouville-Bellefosse is conviviality, the pleasure of meeting old friends, the possibility to advise others and the presentation of vehicles to the public.

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